Frequently asked questions

Coming from this website we often get questions from visitors. The most frequently asked questions have been wrapped up for you below. In case you have questions, please look at the following list and find your answer. If this is not the case, please let us know!

Can I mix different species of ground cover plants?

Yes, you can. Simply Green has a wide range of ground cover plants, that can be combined if you are planting them in compartments.

How long does a Simply Green border last?

If the plants are well treated, they can easily last for 15 years. With proper fertilization and pruning the plants continue to rejuvenate themselves over and over.

How many plants are required on a square meter?

It is recommended to put between 9 and 12 plants on a square meter. How soon a surface is covered completely, varies per species. The conditions also play a major role. The more plants per square meter, the sooner it is covered completely.

How can I become a sales outlet?

Questions about becoming a Simply Green retailer, can be submitted via email.

Where is Simply Green being sold?

You've decided to start and purchase Simply Green products. Then you look at the retailers and find out the nearest dealer.

For questions and information please contact us, we are always ready to answer your questions.
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